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  • 5 days ago
  • AnonymousFuck Chechnya
  • We must’ve done something bad to your beloved ones for you to say “Fuck Chechnya”.

    Accept the fact.

    Best regards. ;)

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  • 1 week ago
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  • AnonymousDoes Allah know you're gay?
  • Allah diffenetly knows what i’m.

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  • 2 weeks ago
  • AnonymousWhat are your thoughts on hezbollah? To be honest they scare me just as much as hamas and isis do...
  • redbloodedamerica

    I only have one message for Hezbollah, IS, Hamas and the rest of the Islamic jihadis…


  • Allah's Slave



    Hahaha i don’t give a damn about hamas & Hizbollah.

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  • 2 weeks ago
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  • AnonymousWhat's your Instagram?
  • @ibrashk

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  • 3 weeks ago
  • AnonymousWhy not? :o
  • Because my financial situation is weak and sisters parents ask too much for dowry. :)

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  • 3 weeks ago
  • AnonymousAre you married?
  • Unfortunately no.

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  • 3 weeks ago
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Islamic State Message to america.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم ،، كلنا يعرف أن أمريكا على أبواب العراق وأن قرار قصف العراق جاء بموافقة من الشعب نفسه
In the name of God, we all know that the Americans are planning to bomb Iraq and that American people are supporting this according to the research which was carried out amongst them

قد رأيتم بأسهم وقوتهم ! كفاكم غباءا

You may have seen their strength! Stop being stupid

أيها المسلمون عامة وأنصار دولتنا خاصة: شكلوا مفارز شبابية في كل بلد واجمعوا المعلومات عن المواطنين الأمريكان وخططوا
Muslims in general and especially the supporters of our state: youth groups formed in all countries are looking for information on American citizens all over the world to plot against them

تدخل أمريكا في شؤون الدولة الإسلامية في العراق والشام يعني أن الأمريكي الكافر هدفا لضربات المجاهدين في أي مكان!
American intervention in the affairs of the Islamic State of Iraq means that they are the target of Mujahideen strikes everywhere!

والله لن تنعموا بالأمآن في أوطاننا،، و طائراتكم تقتل أهلنا في العراق لابد ان يصلكم تهديدنا
We swear that you won’t be safe in your countries whilst your aircraft kill our people in Iraq

هو تحذير لأمريكا ،، فإن لم تكف أذاها عن المسلمين فسيصبح الأمريكي هدف لكل مسلم! فكفوا آذاكم عن المسلمين نكف
It’s a warning to America, if they do not stop harming muslims, American people will become the target of every Muslim. If they stop attacking muslims we will stop.

قد قالها شيخنا ابو بكر البغدادي : ” موعدنا في نيويورك “
The head of ISIS Sheikh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi said: “Our appointment in New York.”

بما انك ياعلج مشارك ولو برأيك على التدخل في شؤون المسلمين وديارهم فلن تنعم بالامن في اي مكان بالعالم
If you think of interfering in the lives of Muslims and their homes there will be no security for Americans anywhere in the world

اعلموا ياعباد الصليب أنه لن يطيب لنا عيش حتى نحرر أسرى المسلمين في كل مكان وحتى نعيد القدس ونرجع الأندلس ونفتح روما
The people who are slaves to the cross won’t live a good life until we liberate Muslim prisoners everywhere, and re-take Palestine and Anda Lucia (Spain) and control from the east to Rome

لتعلموا ياعباد الصليب انكم من اشعلتموا نارها فو الله لن تخمد حتى نأخذ بالثأر لكل أمة محمد ﷺ
The people who are slaves to the cross started this war and this won’t cease until we take revenge for everyone who believes in the Prophet Muhammad who has suffered injustice caused by the USA ﷺ

نقول للحكومة اﻷمريكية والله سوف نصلكم إلى عقر نيويورك وواشنطن
We say to the U.S. Government and swear to God that we we will enter the White House and come to your cities

اقولها لكم يا أمة الكفر احذروا ضربات الأسود الجائعه فـ الويل الويل لكم من أسود التوحيد
I say to you, we are warning you of the Jihadist lions who fear nothing and no-one but Allah

لا تحسبوا أُسامة رحل بحمد الله دولة الأسلام لديها جيش كلهم أُسامة وينتظرون إشارة من الكرار
Don’t think Osama Bin Laden left us. The Islamic State has the army of Osama and they are just waiting for the signal from the head of ISIS

هي رسالة مختصرة لكل أمريكي صليبي : أنك مستهدف من قبل أي مسلم في العالم في أي مكان كنت .
This is a message for every American Citizen. You are the target of every Muslim in the world wherever you are.

هل دمائكم دماء ودمائنا ماء ! كلا والله والأيام بيننا ياعباد الصليب ..
Is your blood so valuable and ours like the water? Of course not, but in time we will show you this and prove to you what we can do and retake our rights

كل رصاصة تطلقوها على أهلنا في العراق سيستهدف أسود الأسلام مصالحكم في كل العالم وسيرد اليكم الصاع صاعان
For every bullet fired at our people in Iraq we will target your interests around the world and will repay your nation with twice the suffering that you caused to us

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  • 3 weeks ago
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  • AnonymousHow can you possibly support ISIS? Do you not know what ISIS wants? What are your reasons for supporting ISIS?
  • chechensoldier

    They want to apply Law of allah.

    They want to return the Caliphate.

    They are only doing what Allah told us to do.

    Before you ask me what they want & what they did, ask your self what have Sisi done in egypt to the civilians. Ask your self what have Bashar Al-Assad have done to sunnis and christians. Ask your self what have Iran done to sunnis. Ask your self what have Al-Maliki done to sunnis.

    In iran they turtore sunnis in jail in very sick way but nobody talk about that. In syria they arrest people and they kill some and their family dont know if they are alive or dead. Maliki assad and sisi militants rape women & nobody talks about yet they start spreading lues & rumors that isis do all the shit.

    Keep calm & watchIsis taking care of all that.

  • Allah's Slave


    I can’t believe there are actually people who support ISIS. Do you have a screw loose or something? Do you know what they are doing? And you support it? How can you possibly support such an evil group of people? ISIS supporters are just as bad as the ISIS themselves.

    Israeli supporter? Lol your and israel day is comming sooner or later, be patience.

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  • 4 weeks ago
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  • AnonymousAs a muslim, should I be supporting what IS are doing? I'm confused because yes they might be applying the Sharia laws and everything... but killing people just because they're non-muslim..?
  • Assalam alikom wa rahmatu allahi wa barakatuh, brother/sister keep in your mind the thing they are doing is according to Quran & Sunnah, if you see any Clip about IS doing something Against Quran & Sunnah be sure that it’s Fake Clip and that isn’t something IS would do.

    Allah knows better.

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  • 4 weeks ago
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