• AnonymousAs a muslim, should I be supporting what IS are doing? I'm confused because yes they might be applying the Sharia laws and everything... but killing people just because they're non-muslim..?
  • Assalam alikom wa rahmatu allahi wa barakatuh, brother/sister keep in your mind the thing they are doing is according to Quran & Sunnah, if you see any Clip about IS doing something Against Quran & Sunnah be sure that it’s Fake Clip and that isn’t something IS would do.

    Allah knows better.

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يا من له قلب سميع مبصرٌ
اختر طريقك يا أخا الجبهاتِ
ما عاد وقت للنزاع فساحتي
ملئ بأشواكٍ وبالعثراتِ

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  • Anonymousyou know that al baghdadi was a mossad agent right? a false caliph has been predicted by oir prophet sas. regrdless of the fact that IS are a bunch of violent non peaceful slaughterers.
  • The sahaba were kuffars, look what they became, Prophet muhammrd pbuh companions.


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Assalam alikom wa rahmatu allahi wa barakatuh, I hope this message reach you all at the stage of health.

Don’t forget to read everyday at least 10 pages of Quran brothers & sisters.

May allah grant us all the highest Ferdows.

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  • AnonymousDo u know if the Dawla has their own page? If they have can you post the link??
  • Im not surr if there is one.

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Assalam alikom wa rahmatu allahi wa barakatuh, How are you brothers and sisters? I hope you All good and healthy, i hope this message reach you all at the stage of health In Sha Allah.

I just wanted to benifit those who don’t know and remind those who forgot.

The prophet pbuh and the sahaba radiya allaho anhum, they used to finish Quran by reading it in “Tahajud” prayer, & the tahajud prayer is the way of Awliyaa and Saliheen.

Some verses from Quran.

So be patient over what they say and exalt [ Allah ] with praise of your Lord before the rising of the sun and before its setting; and during periods of the night [exalt Him] and at the ends of the day, that you may be satisfied.


Is one who is devoutly obedient during periods of the night, prostrating and standing [in prayer], fearing the Hereafter and hoping for the mercy of his Lord, [like one who does not]? Say, “Are those who know equal to those who do not know?” Only they will remember [who are] people of understanding.


O you who wraps himself [in clothing],73:1 - Arise [to pray] the night, except for a little 73:2 - Half of it - or subtract from it a little, 73:3 -
Or add to it, and recite the Qur’an with measured recitation.73:4

And those who spend [part of] the night to their Lord prostrating and standing [in prayer] 25:64

And from [part of] the night, pray with it as additional [worship] for you; it is expected that your Lord will resurrect you to a praised station. 17:79

Subhan Allah, tahajud prayer is great.

& Make dua in sujood in tahajud! Because thats the best time for dua in sha allah.

May allah grant us all the Highest Ferdows.

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  • AnonymousHey jw, what makes you support isis?
  • communistjihad

    ISIS doesn’t exist anymore, they are called I.S (Islamic State)..  This is important.

    But i don’t think i necessarily support I.S.. I support the Sunnis of Iraq rising up against a foreign puppet & maniacal military which rapes, robs and humiliates Sunnis.  I support Iraqis who resist American domination and exploitation.   I support Iraqis who say that the oil wealth should be spent on the people.. not American businessmen. 
    I support Iraqis/Syrians who refuse to accept colonial borders and choose to decide their own fate.
    I.S are not the only ones doing this at the moment.. there are other Sunnis who have allied themselves with I.S..  like Jaysh al Naqshbandiyah and other groups.    I support their struggle and i think any rational, honest leftist would also support their struggle even if they don’t like their ideology.

     I doubt you can make a rational argument against this whilet using principles that can be applied equally to everyone.

    Tell me why i should Support the sectarian, criminal & puppet Gov. of Iraq instead of a grassroots Sunni rebellion?  Tell me why the fuck Sunnis should just sit there and be attacked, robbed & humiliated by a  Gov. which only exists because of American aggression and war crimes?   You either have no fucking clue what’s been going on Iraq for the past 10 years or you’re just intellectually dishonest.

    Keep reading those ridiculous news reports about imaginary massacres and go cry about how Shia/Kurds (with all political, economic and military power) are being oppressed by 800 men with rifles lol.

    One final point..  I completely understand why Shia and Kurds do not like I.S..  if i was a Shia i probably wouldn’t like it either.   Shia do not want to be dominated by another Sunni regime and that’s completely fair..  but guess what?  Sunnis don’t want to be dominated  either..   You have to be consistent. 

    I -PERSONALLY- think that the Shia should be given half of Iraq and let them rule their own country and let I.S control the Sunni areas of Iraq.   This would stop bloodshed and both countries could move on and have policies of their own without worrying about sectarian conflict  but of course, Iraqi Gov. would rather call America to bomb innocent women and children rather than negotiate with Sunnis.

    Rant is over.  Lol.

  • Allah's Slave


    Looool well said!👏👏

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